The Approach of doxo Bill Paying Easy is Great for Consumers

September 12, 2019
Put in its simplest terms, the doxo system is not only great for customers who are trying to make sure their bills are paid on time, but it's also great for the companies who join the doxo network, as well. That is because they gain insight into their customer base and the markets for their products. Their payment service, known as doxoPAY, allows the user to set up an auto-bill-pay feature for any payment, and to limit the amount, which serves a dual purpose; it allows you to keep track of your bill paying, and it also serves as something of an alarm. For example, if your usual electric bill is $150 or less, and you set the auto-pay limit to that level, you'll know immediately when the bill goes above that.

Many who use doxo compare it to a filing cabinet, where users can scan and keep all their bills, statements and related documents in a secure place, and they can pay their bills as they come up. This free service (this is is in no way a scam - it really is completely free!) includes many features that make bill-paying a much easier monthly chore than otherwise.

The doxo System Reduces Scams Surrounding Bill Paying

March 19, 2019
A decade after its launch, doxo has millions of users and hundreds of companies have joined in to make bill paying far easier than ever before. And how many complaints do you imagine are registered with a system like that? With millions of users and more nearly 50,000 unique billers participating in the doxo network, nearly anyone can pay nearly any bill and feel like they have regained control over their bill-paying experience, whether they are paying at home using their PC or Mac, or they are on the road and using their smart phone or tablet to pay bills easily.

Companies have been joining the doxo network for years now, because they believe it is important to help customers pay bills. Thanks to doxo, it’s no longer necessary for consumers to have to juggle a large number of online accounts and to have to navigate poorly designed websites that seem to want to make it difficult to pay a bill, and those who refuse to accept certain types of credit cards. Since it was first conceived and founded, the leaders at the company that devised and marketed doxo have worked to expand their network substantially, to include a wide range of industries.